ArtGeminiPrize 2018 Shortlist Announced
Congratulations to all the shortlisted artists
Bridget Adams , For the love of humanity and the rest
Lubna Speitan, Blackheath Tea Hut
Troy Stuart, The march of the commuters
Teresa Lawler, Dream house on the edge of town 4, 2018
John Richert, Combo #102
Dorian Radu, After Work
Jarik Jongman, Hello Goodbye (8)
Ray Rankine, Owls Roost
Emma Safe, The Verdict
Richard Tomlin, Omar
Helen Withington, The Other Insomniac
Anastasia Shimshilashvili, Brothers
Cameron Scott, Moving On
Daniel Eynon, Trepidation
James Earley, Shadows
Alison Shanks, Starhead
Andrew Newton, Interior 1
Yunhsin Hsu, Animal Toys
Paul Williams, Lighthouse on Smeaton Pier
Michelle Loa Kum Cheung, Bidjigal
Lindsay Pickett, Big Ben says it’s nine o’clock
Valentina Furgani, Remembrance
Andrew Leventis, Reflections of a camera crew
Ramona Galardi, The Holy Land
Jayne-Anita Smith, Morass
David Edwards, Child life jacket (migration series)
Brian Parker, Hong Kong Memories
Tomoni Shintaku, Cooking Leather (creamy shoe stew)
Roy Goodman, Dad, 2017
Sheila Wallis, Gasping,2018
David Millidge, Red Matrix III
Billie Thackwell, Frame of Minds
Judith Shaylor, Honouring Hotpotch
Emma Mitchell, Misty Callanish standing stones and Noctilucent clouds
Stephen Kitchener, Coastal Stories
Ionut Cirja, Time travelers no.3
Alma Leaper, Snow Leopards
Dr Martin Raskovsky, Yellow Choreography
Soo Min Leong, Underground Overground
Nick Dale, Adelie penguin jumping between two ice floes
Adriaan van Heerden, Winter keep us warm
Ilze Smildzina, Rendevous

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Public Choice Prize £500 – Voting opens now till 29 September
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PhotoX Awards 2018 Winners’ Announced

We are delighted to announce the following winners for PhotoX 2018.
Huge congratulations to all the winners.
Overall Winner £2000 – Viraj Bunnag (Thailand), End of a long day, 2017
Judges’ Theme Winners
Energy – Somraj Sahu, Moichara, 2015
Wilderness – Sussi C Alminde, Every grain of sand is a jewel waiting to be discovered, 2017
Humanity – Viraj Bunnag, End of a long day, 2017
Crowd Voting Winners
Energy – Somraj Sahu, Moichara, 2015
Wilderness – Chad Briesemeister, Pillar and Ice, 2015
Humanity – Somraj Sahu, Evergreen Friends, 2016

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