ArtGeminiPrize 2017 Winners Announced

With entries from 36 countries, the ArtGemini Prize, since its inception more than five years ago, has moved dynamically with the times. The Founder, Jimmy Lek, is pleased to announce the winners. The ArtGemini Prize attracted more than 900 entries from artists of diverse disciplines working with innovation in abstract, impressionistic or realistic modes across painting, photography, printing, electronic visual art and sculpture.

The judges said: “It was a pleasure to see such a diverse display of work. We found it extremely difficult to make a decision. It is very exciting for the artists to win the ArtGemini Art Prize. Congratulations to the winners and all those short-listed.”

Painting 1st Prize £2000
Ilsa Brittain, Self Portrait

Ilsa Brittain, Self Portrait

Painting 2nd Prize £1000
Junghyun Lee, “Gentle moment of a small seashell 1”

Junghyun Lee, Gentle movement of a small seashell 1

Photography Prize £1000
Ainhoa Akutain, “Deseret Haretatik

Ainhoa Akutain, Deseret Haretatik

Highly Commended
Adriaan van Heerden, “The Remains of the Helvetia, Rhossilli

Adriaan Van Heerden, The Remains of the Helvetia Rhossilli

Sculpture Prize £500
Helena Verherstraeten, “Medu Ssa”

Helena Verherstraeten, Medu Ssa

This is the second year the Hampstead School of Art have generously awarded the Sculpture Prize.

Public Choice Prize
Donald Macdonald, “Lentil Soup

Donald Macdonald, Lentil Soup

Donald Macdonald, Lentil Soup

Exhibition continues at Asia House, London 19 – 22 September 2017

Judging Panel:Jo Baring, Director/Curator Ingram Collection, the largest publicly accessible private collection of Modern British art in the UK; Cristina Cellini Antonini, Founder and Co-Director ArtRooms,; Pamela Kember-Tong, head of Arts and Learning, Asia House; Sajid Rizvi, Founder and publisher of EAP Group International Media; Dr Vanessa Champion, Creative Director of PhotoX, Lead Photographer and Director of Argenta and PhotoAid Global; Isabel H Langtry, Principal at Hampstead School of Art and Sculpture.

All the Shortlisted Artists can be viewed here:

PhotoX 2017 Winners Announced

[1st prize £1000]
Matthew Joseph, River People – Louis, 2017
[2nd prize £500]
Samye Asher, Prussia Cave, 2015
[Monochrome Prize £250]
A.R. Shah, Onward, 2012
[Artist Residency Prize]– 5 nights hotel @GreenRooms
Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Natural Resemblance VIII, 2016
Matthew Joseph, River People – Louis, 2017
Samye Asher, Prussia Cave, 2015
A.R. Shah, Onward, 2012
Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Natural Resemblance VIII, 2016