The team

jimmy-portrait-cropJimmy Lek (London): Singapore-born founder and organiser of the ArtGemini Prize and PhotoX. Former owner of All Seasons Tours Ltd which he sold in 2004. Jimmy is a fine arts enthusiasts and has worked for many years on various art projects including exhibitions at the AAF Singapore 2015, Singapore Art Fair 2014, AAF London and the  20/21 International Art Fair, London. In 2010, he organised the acclaimed exhibition Animal Kingdom: Paintings by Li Fuyuan, in partnership with the Museum of East Asian Art, UK.


Sajid Rizvi 250x250

Sajid Rizvi (London): Chair, ArtGemini Prize Selection Committee and Judges’ Panel, Founder Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, EAPGroup International Media. Owns and publishes Art Criticism TodayEastern Art Report and East Asia Journal, East Asian Europe and Saffron Books.



Vanessa Champion (UK): Vanessa is a published international photojournalist, writer and marketingdirector. Ness has run a gallery, arts events, workshops and is a judge on art and photography competitions. She owns the luxury print brand ARGENTA Creative and is Founder of PhotoAid Global. Passionate about photography and communication, she is pleased to be running PhotoX 2017 and working with a terrific team.

ZB20140331-02/LongKH/ºúÎÄÑã/ZbBz : ·ÃÊղؼÒÔø¹úºÍ [The Rochester Condo]Chan Kok Hua (Singapore): Chinese art gallerist (Sin Hua Gallery) and collector established over 30 years, Mr Chan has been dubbed ‘The most successful Chinese ink painting dealer in Singapore’. Sin Hua Gallery has organised many art exhibitions, including the highly acclaimed ‘Qiu Zhai Collection’ featuring 128 pieces spanning 100 years after the 1840 Opium War at the art museum of Poly Auction, Beijing, in 2010.

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