Bathing by Yuki Otake

Shortlisted artist 2013: Yuki Otake

‘It was great to be featured alongside so many talented emerging artists. The opening to the show was really well organised and fun.’
Anna Rose


‘The cocktails – seriously the gallery was so nice and the opening just seemed so classy, I thought this is the type of opening I would like.’
Peter D’Alessandri


‘ArtGemini Prize recognises cross-cultural traditions and is open to artists of every persuasion, reaching a global audience on a respectable platform and judged by professionals of high standard and repute.’
Nivedita Pande, India


‘Because it’s the best way to promote international contemporary art for emerging artists around the world. I’m passionate about art and Chinese philosophy and I love the definitions from ArtGemini Prize and how they care about charity work.’
Philippe Pommart, France


‘It truly felt like an international exhibition and had a coherent selection of artists with sympathetic styles.’
Perdita Sinclair


‘It was a great privilege to be shortlisted alongside such talented photographers and other new artists, and the exhibition lived up to my expectations. Though I was not fortunate to win the top prize on this occasion, the feedback I received was valuable and the prestige of placing in these awards has been a wonderful boost to my career in photography.’
Mathew Browne


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